Revamp Your Winter Wardrobe with Radiant-Red Evora Velvet Trench Coat

 img_20170119_105028Though winter is the season of parties and outings, dressing up becomes quite a difficult task for women as they cannot adorn that sexy look by wearing LBDs or maxi dresses. Even if they wear, carrying jackets or pullovers becomes a must, which mostly kills their overall appearance. But, take a look at this amazingly designed bold red velvet trench coat. Girls, isn’t it the perfect solution for all your worries? Well, at least for me, it’s a yes!

The best thing I liked about the coat is the color, especially because you can try this color anytime and at any occasion to turn out to be the eye-catcher of the event. And, it’s an undoubted fact that “Red” brings out the best in you, and so does the coat!




Though I am quite finicky about choosing outfits, I felt that it is a must-buy for all the fashionista ladies out there. You can wear it over a dress, team it with a pair of boots, get some hairdo and makeup done, and you are all set to kill everyone with your looks, which includes the winters as well because of the super-warm fabric that it is made of.

As I ordered the coat from, I got benefits of customizing the size as well. You can also do the same as they offer outfits in standard fitting up to 7XL in size, and you can also customize it as I did to get the coat easily fit in. My personal recommendation would be to go through their site once as they are offering a varied collection of outfits for all sizes at huge discounts.




I know you will thank me later for this!


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