I’ll keep my flats feat. Kanvas Kloset

If I’d have to choose between heels or flats, I would definitely go for heels. Yes, I’m a heels addict. Crazy as it may sound, I wear heels everyday, even for a casual day out you guys would definitely spot me in heels.

There’s something about heels for me. I just feel super confident wearing them. It just enhances your body posture, and yes of course it changes the way you walk, makes you look more sexy!!

But yes, the ways in which your body gets affected by constant wear of heels, in the long run can’t be neglected. So, from my recent collaboration with an amazing footwear brand KANVAS KLOSET I added to my footwear range a super comfy pair of flats.

But this pair of flats, is kind of different from all the flats I came across. It’s a beautiful, vibrant handcrafted pair of flats. And to the more, it has a perfect mix of colors, pattern and intricate design, which I love the most. Have a look!

img_20170111_154508Adds that pop of color, to this blue on blue winter look of mine, these flats are gorgeous!

img_20170112_195223Also this pair is so versatile, you can wear it with almost any outfit in your closet. Be it with a casual tee, paired with jeans or a chic dress, for a day out!

2017-01-14-14-08-44So, as you can see, I also paired these ballerinas with a super cute dress.


img_20170114_141757Hope you all loved the look, and to the more, these flats.

You can check out the brand’s collection here – http://www.kanvaskloset.com


Drasti ChauhanπŸ’–πŸ’–


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